My Molehill

It’s amazing to see things
Become larger than life
As they shrink in importance
Through the skewered perception
Of our tiny screens of light

Every word is offensive
Everyone is offended
And no good deed
Goes unrecorded
Nor unpunished

But the biggest sin
Is to not take a stance
To not cry out in rage
At each social injustice
Whether real or imagined

Show your righteousness
Don this hour’s honor colors
And flaunt your badge freely
Hoping all the world sees
That you’re deserving and true


Restless and uneasy
Fidgeting nervously
Seemingly without cause

Mind wandering aimlessly
Thoughts racing chaotically
Seemingly without pause

Heart steeped in uncertainty
Emotions fluctuating wildly
Yet somehow without explanation

Confused by this calamity
Put off by this self-malady
Disquieted in this situation


Reality fading
Slowly retreating
From ceaseless forward marching
Of our virtual world

Memory waning
Slowly atrophying
From pointless backwards thinking
Of our virtual world

History changing
Slowly rearranging
From needless legitimatizing
Of our virtual world

The Creator

I am the Creator
I take the idea and give it flesh
I take the shapeless and give it form
I take the useless and give it purpose

I am the Creator
I take the worthless and make it valuable
I take the broken and make it functional
I take the nothing and make it something


Can you feel that tickling
In the back of your mind
Like a mouse inside a wall?

Does your skin start prickling
Every time you find
That your mind begins to stall?

Does a sudden fear
Climb up your spine
When the crowd begins to grumble?

Can you feel it near
When all is not fine
And your world begins to tumble?

Does a slight unrest
Linger just inside
A seed inside you growing

Sitting in your chest
As you try to hide
The fear from ever showing

Autumn’s Call

Leaves are falling
The woods are calling
And thus I heed the call

To stroll again
Like ancient men
Amongst the trees so tall

It feels good
I knew it would
To come back to this place

To trade my cares
For softer wares
With sun upon my face

No buildings near
No cars to fear
As I cross through the ferns

And birds are calling
As leaves are falling
The season my heart yearns


I sip on your lies like a shot of hard bourbon

I nip at your vanity like a ripe red apple

I bite on your curiosity like an hors d'oevre

I drink in your naivety like fine red wine

I lick around your despair like a salted glass rim

I suck on your confusion like a hot buttered finger

I savor your fears like the richest truffles

I eat your dreams like hard crusty bread

I consume your hope like rare, juicy steak

I devour your soul like sweet crème brûlée